How to put the feathers in your hair

Our hair feather extensions are of the highest quality and are chosen by hand to ensure you get a feather that will look great individually or alongside other hair feathers

Hair feather extensionsTo get the feel of hair feather extensions without going for the full look you can simply use one hair feather extension at the back of the head above the neck.

Hair feather extensions are more prominent when used at the top of your head, usually just underneath you parting.

Hair feather extensions are unique individual items so there will no one hair feather will be the same, it is important to remember also that each feather is unique so differences in size, colour length and pattern will obviously occur.

Hair Feathers offers the best in terms of quality that is available they come from Whiting Farms in America where the birds feathers have been genetically produced over a 50 year period

This results in a top quality long thin feather the feathers are easy to install and remove and there are specific tools that can help.

Hair Feathers are very quick and easy to install.

We use lined micro beads together with a piece of thin wire or pulling needle and a small pair of pliers for crimping the bead. We have put these together in an installation tool kit, this is a cheap and one off purchase.


Hair Feather Installation Instructions

  • Choose the area of your hair will you want to show off your head feathers. To test where you’re here for this look best and most natural try pinning them first until you are happy with the look.
  • Choose a microbead that is close to the colour of your hair at it’s root and thread the microbead onto the wire loop.
  • Choose a section of hair that would fill half the diameter of the bead, if you are using more the one hair feather then select a little more hair.
  • Now pull the section of hair through the bead and move the bead up to the scalp.
  • Having chosen the area slide the hair feather extension into the bead. If they are bonded then they are easier to handle. If you are applying individual feathers then do so one at a time.
  • Slide the feathers so that the length of the feather matches the length of your own hair. When you are happy with the position using your pliers pinch the bead to hold it then finally squash the beat flat.
  • If the position is not exactly as you require squash the flattened ends of the bead to open it up again then re-crimp bead when you are happy with the position.
  • If you have short hair then obviously choose sort short feathers this means you can save the longer feathers for later use short feathers look really good in the fringe or at the base of the neck.