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We offer wholesale and individual packs of hair feathers. Medium bonded hair feather extensions and long bonded hair feather extensions are perfect for personal use. As are hair feather fringe packs buy in bulk to get cheaper prices.

Hair feathers are increasingly seen adorning celebrities and increasingly seen on several mainstream TV shows such as the Vampire Diaries and Made in Chelsea.

They are a quick and easy way to change a look and at the same time are easily reversible.

Add in a little hair chalk to the portfolio and you have a great way of creating an instant party and special occasion make over.

These hair feathers are the best quality available, they are 100% natural and are the best grade feathers from Metz and Whitings.

Because they are natural keratin and made of the same substance as hair they can be treated the same as your own hair when it comes to washing and styling, so they can be curled, straightened and blow dried in exactly the same way.


You don’t need a hairdresser to install our feathers they are simply attached to the hair by crimping a bead flat,  crimp on the other side of the bead to return it to it’s round shape for removal.

Business in a box

Start your own business , there are no skills needed and for a small outlay you can work from home sell feather hair extensions.

You can sell to friends and people local to you, hold feather parties, you get 12 medium length hair feathers and 13 long length hair feathers, Set in attractive packets this makes a total of a total 25 of various colours in both bonded and loose.

The loose feathers are in packs of 6 hair feathers in both long and medium lengths.

Loose hair feathers are individual feathers. Bonded hair feathers are a small display with all the feather bases bonded for ease of installation. Each packet includes the feathers ,a basic threader and a selection of coloured beads to attach the feathers.

These are top quality feathers, not synthetic or trimmed, they have a natural shape and length. They may be  treated in the same way as natural hair and can be washed and styled using exactly the same techniques.

Long Hair feathers
(Bonded) x 7
7 in pack of 25, Three examples are shown below.
long bonded
Medium Hair feathers
(Bonded) x 8
8 in pack of 25, Three examples are shown below.
Long Hair feathers
(Loose) x 6
6 in pack of 25, Three examples are shown below.
CDU12L Loose
Medium Hair feathers
(Loose) x 4
4 in pack of 25, Three examples are shown below.
CDU12M Loose

Bonded Feather Extensions

Bonded feather extensions are made up of 4-6 salon quality feathers, these hair feathers are bonded together at the top with keratin. This forms a single unit for easy installation and creates a co-ordinated feature of hair feathers to add both contrast and counter balance for your hair.


Hair Feather Products

XL Loose Hair Feathers
Hair Feather Extensions XL Packs

Single color packs of 30 individual feather Hair Feather Extensions XL. The feathers range from 13-28cm (5″-11″)

These are the best looking hair feather extension for long hair, long soft and glamourous they are a real boost for your image.
(i.e. the pink pack contains a mix of grizzly and solid pink feathers, blue pack only blue etc.)
Perfect for medium to long hair.

not rated £36.95 £33.00 Select options
Hair Feathers – Fringe packs
Hair Feathers – Fringe packs

20 Medium Loose 11-18cm ( 4 -7 inches )

Perfect for medium length hair and fringes. 6 individually colored feathers per pack 11-18cm ( 4″7″ ) long The best feathers you can buy anywhere. Easy to install, instructions come with the feathers, all you will need is pliers.

not rated £12.00 £10.00 Select options
Hair Feathers Standard
Hair Feathers Standard

Hair Feathers Standard

Single color packs of 30 individual feather hair extensions. The feathers in the Hair Feathers standard pack range from 13-28cm (5″-11″) and are shown highlighted, thats the great thing about hair feathers, they don’t take up much room !
(i.e. the black and white pack contains a mix of grizzly feathers, berry pack has a mixture of summer berry colours such as reds, pinks lilacs and purples etc.)
Perfect for medium to long hair.Typical contents of a standard pack

not rated £26.50 £22.00 Select options
Bonded extensions
Long Bonded Hair Feather Extensions

Long Bonded 22 – 28cm (9 -11 inches)

not rated £8.95 £6.95 Select options
Loose feathers - berry mix
Loose Feathers – 10 berry mix

10 berry mix 13 – 28cm ( 5 – 11 inches )

Pack of 10 berry mix feathers, a mix of grizzly and solid blue’s, pink’s and purple’s 13-28cm (5″-11″) long.
Bigger packs available in the bulk section.
Please see the ‘Tools’ section for beads, threaders and pliers required to attach these feathers.

not rated £7.75 Add to basket
Bonded Extension Medium
Medium Bonded Extensions

Medium Bonded 15 -18 cm ( 6 – 7 inches ) A collection of hair feathers with the ends bonded for easy application. A real quality product, you can wash, condition, blow dry, style in EXACTLY the same way you would with your own hair.

Taking the out is a simple reverse process and the will last for ages, usually over 6 months, depending on use.

not rated £5.95 £4.50 Select options