Hair Feathers for Dogs

Hair Feathers for Dogs

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Hair feathers for dogs

Hair feathers for dogs are neither unusual or new, because the feathers are natural and can be groomed in the same way as your pets coat there are absolutely no issues with compatibility. From our point of view we recommend that it probably suits small dogs best though we have recently been proved quite wrong in this respect with dogs hair feathers being seen on some very flashy spaniels.

These hair feathers for dogs come with a whole range of colours from bright and vivid greens, reds, yellows and purples to very natural light and dark browns.
They can be further adorned by adding a streak of glittery nail varnish which are available in silver and gold as well as the wide range of normally seen range of colours.

Hair feathers for Dogs – Installation

If you want to combine a whole range of feathers together you can do this quite easily with a glue gun. Take the loose hair feathers and use the glue gun to bond is the end of the hair feathers together. It makes them incredibly easy to install on your pet with the addition of a crimping bead and a pair of pliers to flatten the metal bead.

The beads are readily available and are included in our packs. They are metal and attach the dogs hair feathers to your pets coat really easily. Quite simply by crushing the bead with a small pair of pliers it hold the dogs coat and the hair feathers for dogs neatly together. No glue, no mess.

hair feathers for dogs

Once installed the feathers can be washed and dried in exactly the same way as you might do with your dog. You have no need to worry if your dog likes to jump in the nearest stream it can do no harm to the feathers and they will look just as good as when you put them in.

Hair feathers for dogs are a fantastic talking point. Every time we take our pooch out for a walk someone always stops us and asks us where we get them from. Whilst a lot of people like to go for bright flashing colours we find the softer browns together with the grizzly black and white stripes look fantastic, what’s more we are pretty sure that our dogs have risen in their social standing since we did a bit of doggy hair feather grooming.





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